Benchmark 1#

All shell command blocks begin at the folder root: benchmark_1


benchmark_1 is technical test on simulated mdcg instances

Install & configurations#

1. Python environment#

  • You need to install virtualenv

    pip install virtualenv
  • Create python virtual environment

  • Activate the environment

    source .venv_39/bin/activate

Always make sure the environment is activated!

(.venv_39) # command lines may be prefix by the environment name


  • source the environment

    source .venv_39/bin/activate
  • run the benchmark

    rm -rf run 2>&1  # if you want new results, remove old directory
    python3.9 scripts/  # [-h] see help
  • extract stats in a tex table

    python3.9 scripts/ -d run_directory_path  # [-h] see help