Benchmark 5#

All shell command blocks begin at the folder root: benchmark_5


benchmark_5 solve the \(IRP\) problem on artificial growing data with extra multiplicities and links.

Install and configurations#

Python environment#

Be sure you have Python3.9.

Create python virtual environment:


Activate the environment:

source .venv_39/bin/activate

Always make sure the environment is activated!

(.venv_39) # command lines may be prefix by the environment name


Run the benchmark#

Source the environment:

source .venv_39/bin/activate

Run the benchmark:

python3.9 scripts/  # [-h] see help

This script generates a unique directory name $run_uid under the main run directory run, e.g. run/2023-03-08_13:17:34.

In this directory you will find:

  • mdcg_sizes.tsv gives the stats on the multiplied doubled contig graph

  • logs directory that contains all the solver’s log files

    • solver_<solver_name>_<ampli>_<iter>_ir.log corresponds to the <solver_name> log for the data amplification ampli at the <iter> iteration

  • run_io.yaml gives the metadata of the run

  • log of the run

Get solver stats in TSV#

python3.9 scripts/ run/$run_uid

Get run data in LaTeX table#

python3.9 scripts/ run/$run_uid